Special shape magnets, equipment magnet
Usually high quality and reputation come with a huge value, but you can consider to have a

refurbished iPhone as an alternative, it may give you more. When it comes to iPhone, you do

not have to always pursuit what is new. There are lot of old and refurbished iPhone as

available on the world.
Arc magnet, wind generator magnet
Ceramic Magnet Blocks(Ferrite) are composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide.We supply high quality Ceramic Magnet Blocks
Rubber Magnet(strip) is used in refrigerator, bathroom, window and advertisement. We supply high quality Rubber Magnet(strip).
Take an iPhone for an example, the average lifespan of a smart phone is only of a couple of

years as a consequence of the fact that current technology is continually developing.

Sometimes it is because of the upgrade of an advanced model or some other time just because

the phone broken due to some server damage like a shattered screen.
Unlike typical composite hockey blades formed from a foam core wrapped in carbon fiber sheets, the AirBlade is made from proprietary patented technology .
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